Mike 1Mike and his wife Michelle moved to Central Oregon in 2000, excited by the prospect of living surrounded by the best fly fishing waters in Oregon. After years of fishing from float tubes, Mike decided he wanted to build a wood drift boat. He built his first boat from plans borrowed from a friend and 9 weeks later we had a new wood boat and Mike had discovered a new found passion and talent. Mike has spent the last 15 years refining his craftsmanship and producing high quality boats marked by an obsessive attention to detail and functionality.

We truly feel wood boats are the best craft for fishing, they are warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and most importantly they are stealthy quiet. Modern technology has eliminated many of the downfalls of wood boats. Epoxy coatings seal the wood from water, modern varnishes and marine paints protect from the sun and fiberglass provides superior bottom protection. Stainless steel and silicone bronze fasteners eliminate rusted fasteners.

Many people comment "That boat is too pretty to put in the water". Our philosophy is this: They are bright and shiny when you buy them, but are designed to do a job. You can maintain them at a pristine level depending on the use, or you can maintain them at a reasonable level and wear the dings and scrapes as a testament of the use of the boat. Bottom line is our boats are built to be used and the materials allow you to keep the appearance at whatever level you desire. Our boats are designed to be strong, functional and pleasing to the eye. Because they are built one at a time, each one tends to be a bit unique and easy to personalize. Contact us today to discuss building a one of a kind boat for you!