All kits are made one at a time to order. Lead time will vary depending on demand. Prices are FOB Bend Oregon and a 50% deposit is required.

Standard kits include

  • 1/4"Hydrotek BS1088 Meranti Marine Plywood sides and fly deck
  • 1/2" Fir Marine Plywood bottom
  • 1/4” Okume rub strips
  • Clear Fir frames (ribs) Stem, seats and floor boards
  • White Oak Gunnels and chines
  • Seppeli Knee locks and trim pieces
  • Sliding front seat with three seat backs or UHMW slides for swivel seats (seats not included)
  • UHMW 4 position Oar blocks
  • UHMW Motor plates
  • Oar locks
  • Aluminum rub strips for outside chine caps
  • West System G-Flex epoxy for gluing parts
  • 3M 5200 Caulk for sealing bottom
  • Sika 291 LOT Caulk for chine cap
  • Stainless steel and Silicon Bronze fasteners (nails & screws)
  • Bow Eye
  • Nylon Webbing for rowers seat
  • Bronze drain plug
  • Assembly Manual
  • Coast Guard Certification sticker and Hull ID Number

All main cuts are done leaving only some trimming.

All scarfs are done and glued with epoxy.

Chine notches are cut for you.

This makes for an enjoyable kit to assemble.

Not included in kits are;

  • Fiberglass for bottom (5 yds. 20 oz. Triaxial)
  • Epoxy for coating (2 gal. with appropriate hardener)
  • Finish (one quart will barely do the outside) additional will be needed if varnishing the interior. One gal. oil will do the interior if that is your choice.


  • Hinged front seat with two Southco flush latches.    $150
  • Box for under front seat (Marine Plywood)              $100                                  
  • Sliding Rowers seat                                               $150
  • Rear seat (behind rowers seat) fan style                 $100
  • Rear seat rowers style mounts on rear two ribs       $250
  • Polypropylene Bottom; this consists of a 1/4" Meranti bottom, 1/2" Polypropylene Honeycomb to bond to plywood and additional epoxy for bonding. This still needs to have fiberglass over it. The advantage to this bottom is it is lighter and it gives you a 3/4” bottom with 1/2" of material between the fiberglass and the wood for greater protection from deep scratches.             $350

Tools needed

  • 3” C clamps; At least 6 more is better
  • 5” C clamps; At least 4
  • 9” Deep reach C clamps; not absolutely necessary but three of these will make things easier.
  • Drill/driver and #1 & #2 square drive bits as well as drill bits
  • #6 & #8 counter sinks
  • Belt sander and coarse belt
  • R.O. Sander and assorted grits of sand paper
  • Sawzall or jig saw
  • Small hammer and 1/4" punch
  • Stiff hand saw
  • Router and Round over bits
  • Acetone or lacquer thinner for cleanup of Caulking and epoxy

I can do complete packages on all items if desired or I am more than happy to steer you where to get the best deals on additional items.

Other wood options can be explored also.

If interested in a Kit or just want to talk boats go to the Contact page and submit the form or you can give me a call @ 541-410-1048